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Pregnancy Massage

Massage during your pregnancy is a wonderful experience. It is important to make time for yourself to relax & enjoy your pregnancy. It will help you relax, support your body during the physical and emotional changes and helps prepare you for the birth.

Pregnancy puts a strain on your body & massage can help relieve aches, pains & other common health problems experienced during this time. These can include fluid retention, lower back pain, muscle stiffness & cramps, headaches, fatigue & sinus congestion.

 Massage is good for baby too!

Massages offered for those in their second & third trimester only. 

Treatment is performed in side lying position and adjusted to meet your specific needs and ensure your comfort and safety throughout. A full consultation is carried out prior to your treatment. Treatments offered in Ashford Middlesex or in the comfort of your own home. There is no additional charge for this if within a 5 mile radius of Ashford Middlesex.


Full body massage lasting 60 mins - £50

Neck, back & shoulder massage lasting 35 mins - £38