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Toddler/ Preschool Yoga & Massage Classes

Children of this age are full of energy, very active and fascinated by life. Massage & yoga therefore helps relieve their tired aching muscles, helps them relax and can help ease discomfort from growing pains. By having positive physical contact and listening to your child during massage & yoga it helps build up and strengthen a relationship of trust and love. It relaxes both parent and child and it can also help set the mood for bedtime.

Massage - It can be tricky to get them to stay still long enough for a full massage every time but my classes aim to give you the tools to incorporate massage in a fun way which will engage your child. Each week we will focus on learning the massage sequence for each body part, using stretches, songs, rhymes and games. Every child is different so my classes are flexible and adapted to suit. Handouts are provided to support your learning. Sessions are one to one and run in the comfort of your own home and typically last 45 minutes.

Yoga - A variety of different classes are offered including those attended by parent & child, and ones facilitated in play groups and nurseries. Classes are based around a story/adventure encouraging little ones to use their imaginations, and include yoga inspired poses that benefit the mind and body. In addition breathing and relaxation techniques are learnt.